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Turkey has accommodate more than 3.6 million Syrians in the country. 90%  percentage of the living outside the refugee camps in urban or peri-urban areas. 70% percentage of the refugees are women and children, who are most suffered from this war and compulsory migration. 40% percent of these children have no access to the education and basic services. Our design approach is to to minimize this negative affect of the war and provide a health environment for locals and refugees to increase connection and integration. 
Syrians Integration To The Daily Life Of City 
Reyhanli is a town with a population of 100.000, 12 km from the Cilvegözü border check-point. Due to its location, nearly 120,000 Syrian refugees are staying here. As we mentioned before, women and children who suffered the most from the war. They constitute our target group. We believe that women, who are the core of the family system, will play an important role in ensuring the integration of Turkish and Syrian refugees. To create an integration center that Turkish and Syrian women can use collaboratively. With this system, both Turks and Syrians  can  share their knowledge, enhance social bond and promote social integration to cultural and economical life. This system will be managed by a cooparative which is managed by women and it is aimed to distribute what is obtained from the all activities and production according to the members’ needs and hardwork. Such a system in which collective work and production is aimed  will enhance the interaction of people, understanding each other and learning to live together as a result of working together. The proposed program aims at agricultural activities in the area which is named as future park. The harvest can be used by the women as much as their need and the rest  can be sold at the market area which is proposed in the project. By this way, The cooperative woud have an income. In addition, there will be various projects in the workshops and handicraft courses. The sale of the production of these workshops in the market area is aimed to provide income and continuity of the system. 
Demountable And Reconstructable Materials 
The project area is located in the south-west of  Reyhanlı. There are park areas, agricultural areas, terrace houses and regional hospitals. Due to the closeness of the region to the Syrian border and the obstacles posed by the recently built border wall for people and the restriction of freedom of travel and passage, we decided to Remove All Borders and use the material obtained from there for new shelters, social center and many other purposes. We will use portable boundary walls as supporting systems. Cylindrical observation towers will be used to  close the roofs and staircases to access the spaces. All these walls and cylindrical parts are demountable and they can be reused in a future project. For the construction, local people can work and this would be an income for the city. 
Design Strategy 
In the project area, the existing streets have been continued in order to ensure integration with the city. By differentiation and capillary circulation of these streets, large and small inner gardens and squares which people get socialized and integrated have been established. Circulation cores are not only the vertical circulation structures but also they have connective quality between different functional buildings. Settlement of buildings designed by shifting of masses and solid void relations. This provides public spaces in different scales.  There are elevated circulation axis which provides different perspectives and accessibility through the settlement of area. With similar aspect, we propose that the future park area can be used as agricultural purposes. The agricultural areas are integrated with our proposal and the river is used as water source for efficiency. The areas close to the park area have been determined as housing by considering privacy. The parts close to the main street and the inner parts are planned as workshops, courses for handicrafts and schools for the education of children.